What is cPDH?

Pauper Commander (PDH) is a variant of Commander (EDH) in which decks are made up entirely of commons with the exception of the commander(s) which can be any uncommon creature (or uncommon Background if the chosen creature has "Choose a Background." You can read the official rules and the banlist at the PDH Home Base.

Competitive REL & Commander MTRA/IPGA 

All tournaments hosted by Sanctuary PDH will be held at Competitive REL and also subject to the Competitive MTR/IPG Addendum for Commander Events, as the same are updated from time to time.

Tournament Rules and Webcam Etiquette & Webcam Troubleshooting Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined above, because these tournaments will be taking place online via Spelltable, we have certain rules and guidelines in place to ensure that make sure everyone has a fair and safe tournament environment to participate in. Each tournament participant agrees to adhere to all of the rules and guidelines outlined on this page (and those that this page links to).

Tournament Rules