-- REGISTRATION NOW OPEN UNTIL 11:59 PM ET May 17th, 2024! --

WHEN: Saturday, May 18, 2024 @ 4pm ET

WHERE: The Sanctuary PDH Discord (

ENTRY FEE: $16 ($15 per player into the Prize Pool)


1st Place: 40% of the Prize Pool AND a custom token (made in collaboration with Sanctuary PDH) commemorating their victory

2nd Place - 4th Place: 20% of the Prize Pool (each)

5th Place - 8th Place: $35 (each)

*If the event has more than 32 players, the 5th - 8th Place tier above will be removed and instead, 5th Place - 16th Place will each receive $30. In such a case, $240 will be subtracted from the Prize Pool BEFORE the Top 4 payouts are calculated (to provide for this expanded prizing).  


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to @bfine_ on Discord or via email at

Playmats are Now Available on Inked Gaming!

If you have any interest in owning your very own Sanctuary PDH playmat (similar to those you may have seen people using in game), feel free to visit the Sanctuary PDH artist page on Inked Gaming and snag one now


2023 Champion Series Tokens Unveiled!

Check out the custom tokens commemorating our 2023 champions Gatorbait and Mini CJ! You can get your hands on these as prizes during 2024 events (FNM, Leagues, and Tournaments) and/or by becoming a Patron via our Patreon page (linked above).